Collection: Bookcases

Books and novels, collected by many, should take pride of place in our home, available to us whenever we need them or want them to refer to or just to enjoy. A beautiful vintage bookcase not only helps to store our beloved publications, but it also adds character and functionality to your room.

Not only used for just books nowadays a restored bookcase from Restored Furniture can also house your treasured ornaments, family photos, plants or other decorative items. An oak bookcase or pine bookcase which is built to last will provide you with all the storage you need in your home and with the right finish you will be able to take it from home to home whenever you need.

Our solid wooden bookcase range has a number of different wood types from traditional oak to painted bookcases and industrial mango bookcases.

What bookcase should I choose?

Bookcases vary in size and style, from a small 3 shelf painted bookcase with glazing or without or to a large tall bookcase which may have storage cupboards underneath, there are a number of different variations. You must carefully choose which type of bookcase will fit your space as a tall grand bookcase could overpower a smaller room, but a small shallow bookcase could look lost in a larger space.

If you are looking to keep your room tidy and not put everything on display, then a bookcase with drawers or cupboards will allow you to store those items that you want to put away. Also think about where in the room your bookcase may be going, if your only space is near to a window then you may want to choose a bookcase that is short so as not to block out any unnecessary light.

New versus old

Bookcases are often seen as a necessity rather than a stylish option to add to your home. Why not just choose a flat pack bookcase that will fit the space? A flat pack may be functional, but it does not help to style your room and more than often cannot hold the weight of books or larger ornaments. Our solid wooden bookcases are not just sturdy and strong but come in a large variety of wood finishes that can complement your chairs, tables, sideboards or desk. We provide bookcases in pure wood finish such as oak and mahogany as well as restored painted bookcases and shabby chic bookcases.