Collection: Wardrobes

A vital part of your bedroom is your wardrobe, often the second furniture purchase after a bed, the bedroom wardrobe is key to de-cluttering a room and keeping your home tidy from clothes, bags and shoes. The variety of bedroom wardrobes on the market is huge and can make it a difficult decision to buy the right wardrobe for your needs.

At restored we provide a wide range of unique restored wooden wardrobes in a variety of sizes and finishes. Traditionally antique wardrobes came as smaller units due to the fact that people had less clothes, but this is an advantage for customers looking for beautiful wardrobes that are unique and can still cater for today’s audience. Don’t worry, we still have plenty of family sized wardrobes to fit larger bedrooms.

Single, double or triple wardrobe sizes are available in Oak, Mahogany and Mango hardwood and are either finished in the original wood that the wardrobe came in or are painted to compliment modern room finishes.

A number of our bedroom wardrobes have internal shelves, drawers or mirrors attached to the inner door which are all finished to the highest standard.

What to consider when buying a vintage wardrobe

Our wardrobes all come as unique items, so they are not set sizes, please make sure to check the size information provided on each bedroom wardrobe. Consider your room shape, height and size as each wardrobe will look very different depending on the type of room it is placed into. For example, a large wardrobe or tall wardrobe will look very out of place in a small box room whereas a slim wardrobe may look lost in a large bedroom.

Please measure your bedroom and try to mark out how your new antique wardrobe may fit the space so you a vision of how it will look when it is delivered.