Collection: Dressers

A great dresser is the key to completing that farmhouse kitchen style in your home. It offers both storage and display with cupboards, drawers, shelves that are the perfect place to house your kitchen spares as well as your beloved belongings.

Homes across the UK have traditionally included a kitchen dresser as a staple piece of furniture, they provide opportunities to be a little different with the presentation of specialist crockery or ornaments rather than having to store them away in a kitchen cupboard. Oak dressers are tall in stature and quickly become a centre piece in any kitchen or dining room.

A solid oak dresser or a pine dresser come in a variation of shapes and sizes, some with a very square style, some with domed tops and others with very elaborate features. Our kitchen dressers vary in their finishes from vintage or rustic oak dressers to solid pine with some painted in a shabby chic style.

Pair your perfect dresser with a beautiful dining table and chairs and your dining room will be complete. Or if you prefer to make a centre piece in your country style kitchen then why not look to choose a more rustic pine kitchen dresser which will suit that British countryside charm.

All our dressers come with plenty of storage, so you won’t be let down if you need your dresser to accommodate that family plate set, dining room items, table linen or other family necessities. Some of our dining room dresser pieces have more unique features which you may not find on a standard dresser sold from a high-street store, features such as glazed upper cupboards, mirror centre consoles and grand wooden carvings.

We also stock a number of branded pieces such as vintage Ercol dressers and Old Charm dressers. Brands such as these are renowned for their solid wood quality and with the loving restoration from our team, they will see many more years.