Collection: Bedroom

Bedrooms provide us with that place of rest and relaxation where we are able to unwind and switch off from the usual daily stresses. Your bedroom furniture should provide the perfect environment, so you are able to get the night’s sleep that you deserve. 

Our restored bedroom furniture makes your bedroom unique and beautiful with the functionality that you need so you can focus on your room being a calm serene escape. 

Storage is the main goal for our bedroom furniture as it provides us the de-cluttered peace of mind needed to ensure that all our belongings are hidden away. Your options are endless with a wide variety of bedroom storage choices. Bedroom wardrobes come in many different styles with single, double and triple sizes, with extra drawer storage and inner hanging to place your clothes. Our chest of drawers vary in style, shape and size and a blanket box is a great option to use to store away any spare bedding. Bedside tables make a great choice to store smaller items and house your bedside lamp or night-time beverage. 

We provide a wide range of bedroom furniture from wardrobes, chest of drawers, blanket boxes and bedside cabinets or tables. Our bedroom storage pieces are a one-off providing your home with that wardrobe or bedroom cabinet that cannot be found anywhere else. Finishes range from natural wood finishes such as Oak, Mahogany and Pine to painted furniture in off white, cream, greys and more colours. 

If you are looking for vintage bedroom furniture or retro bedroom furniture look no further as we work on a wide range of products and our bedroom storage options are always being updated.