Restored Wood Furniture to entertain this winter

Learn more about how our restored wood furniture will help you bring your family together this winter

Hardwood Furniture Guide

Hardwood Furniture Guide There’s no denying that hardwood furniture is highly sought after. It’s beauty, strength, and individuality make it a popular choice for any discerning homeowner. At Restored Furniture, we live, eat and breathe hardwood furniture so, as you can imagine, we’re pretty passionate... Read more

Dining Room Furniture Guide

Dining Room Furniture Guide The dining room is one of the key focal points in any home. It’s the place where you cook, converse, spend time with the family, entertain and even use as a space for activities such as occasional office work, playing board... Read more

Living Room Furniture Guide

Living Room Furniture Guide You will probably spend more time in your living room than anywhere else in your home. It’s a place for the family to gather, it’s one of the rooms that you will showcase the most to your guests and, of course,... Read more

Kitchen Furniture Guide

Kitchen Furniture Guide The kitchen is the heart of the home and becoming an increasingly popular room in the home to make into a family space. A lot of time is spent in the kitchen and the trend to create a kitchen diner space where... Read more

Home Office furniture guide

Home Office Furniture Guide With the increased need for flexible working, and businesses operating from private residences, a home office has become a necessity in most modern homes. Houses are now either built with an office space in mind or people convert a spare bedroom... Read more

Hallway Furniture Guide

Hallway Furniture Guide Your hallway within your home can be re-invigorated with a handsome restored furniture piece. Utilising the available space in your hallway can add a lovely area for storage or create a comfortable seating area to rest whilst popping on your shoes. With... Read more

Dresser Furniture Guide

Dresser Furniture Guide Restored have a gorgeous collection of pre-loved dressers, refurbished and renovated by our skilled team. Looking to add to your bedroom or kitchen furniture? how do you pick the right dresser for your home? we suggest you consider the below and take... Read more

Bedroom Furniture Guide

Bedroom Furniture Guide Your bedroom needs to be a place of serenity and calm, providing a place where you can not only sleep but also store clothes, dress for the day and also give you a family space. Your bedroom furniture used to be limited at... Read more

Blog - How up-cycled furniture helps the environment

How up-cycled furniture helps the environment What are the benefits of pre-loved furniture? There are many great benefits and even more important reasons why you should invest in up-cycled furniture. Not only does vintage furniture look stunning, but it is also environmentally friendly, multifaceted in... Read more

Why adding restored vintage furniture to your home will show your personality

Why adding restored vintage furniture to your home will show your personality Whether you are looking for a restored chest of drawers, cheap vintage furniture or a refurbished wardrobe to add character to your home, then there is so much to choose from. The greatest... Read more

How our restored furniture pieces can inspire your home improvements

How restored, painted furniture creates ambience in the home. Breathing new life into vintage furniture There is no better way to breathe new life into your vintage furniture than by a simple but effective fresh coat of paint, and there is always a plentitude of... Read more