Collection: Nests of Tables

A nest of tables is a multipurpose and adaptable solution to temporary storage in your home, ideal for use in your living room they offer the versatility of a small table wherever you need it. Easy to move around but also easy to store a nest of tables are perfect for when you have visiting friends or family.

Commonly made in sets of 3, a nest of tables compact size can be stored wherever needed and when all 3 tables are tucked into each other they only take up the space of a small side table.

Our oak nests of tables are a sturdy compact solution to the need of a place to put drinks or snacks whenever you are short on that flat surface. We also provide pine nest of tables and shabby chic nest of tables that have painted wooden legs and a traditional wooden top.

The styles vary for our nest of tables from chunky oak to slimmer Ercol and priorty style tables. Rustic nest of tables also look perfect in a cottage living room or snug and provide that chunky retro feel.