Collection: Blanket Boxes

Blanket boxes, or ottomans, are a classic piece of furniture that work perfectly in any room where extra storage is needed. They work very well in either a bedroom or living room, but a blanket box can be perfect for a landing or hallway where it can be utilised as both storage and also a seat. Blanket boxes are multifunctional and will hold a large number of items, such as spare bedding, towels and sheets, or even be used a as toy or shoe box in a downstairs room.

With a hinged top blanket boxes open fully to allow easy access to the storage space and some more unusual pieces come with either a drawer underneath or double doors too. We provide a range of styles from minimal painted blanket boxes to unique elaborate wooden boxes that have antique features.

If you don’t have space for a blanket box at the end of the bed and still need some extra storage in other rooms then a blanket box makes a perfect coffee table in a living room or spare seat in a dining room, looking great in a bay window, especially with a padded seat on top.

Painted blanket boxes suit a more modern home whereas a natural oak blanket box is suited to a traditional interior such as a cottage or older home. Restored Furniture’s team painstakingly refurbish a number of different blanket boxes, all unique and one-offs that would be ideal for any house’s interior.