About us

What We Do

Restored is a charitable furniture business operated by Betel UK, and a part of Betel’s mission to bring long-term freedom and restoration to lives broken by drug and alcohol abuse. We accomplish this by building values, skills and character through living, working and worshipping together in a caring Christian community. Our centres for men and women are free-of-charge, operate no waiting lists, and are run by people that have experienced freedom from addiction themselves.

Restored specialises in antique, vintage, shabby-chic and retro furniture expertly refinished in Betel’s workshops. Our non-profit stores can be found on high streets across the country and stock a wide range of classic British, Dutch and French furniture as well as new mango wood pieces crafted by residents in our centres in India. 

Like all of Betel’s businesses, our Restored workshops and stores are staffed and managed by the men and women living and working within the Betel community and learning to live restored lives free from addiction and homelessness.

Much of our furniture comes to us in need of some loving care and attention. It is restored in our workshops where the skilled work is carried out by our residents and is overseen by our more experienced carpenters and craftsmen. The final result is beautifully crafted furniture, carefully restored and given a new lease of life.


About Betel

Betel runs a number of charitable businesses around the UK which not only provide a large portion of the charity’s funds but also perform a fundamental role in our recovery program. All of our businesses are led and staffed by men and women determined to lead transformed lives.

By working in one of our charitable businesses residents are given the opportunity to help fund their own recovery. This not only significantly reduces the financial burden on their families and the government but also gives them the opportunity to restore self-dignity and a sense of purpose. The result is that, on leaving Betel, residents will have developed valuable skills which will allow them to contribute positively to their own family life and society. Residents develop job skills, diligence, punctuality, dependability, self-esteem, teamwork and respect for supervisors as they work


Our end goal is to help people not only escape addiction, but become productive, trustworthy men and women of character when they leave our community.