Collection: Display Units

Your treasured ornaments deserve a display cabinet to give them that perfect central place in a dining room, living room or hallway. Varying in size, shape and style a display cabinet can be a unit which sits flat to a wall or be a corner display cabinet that fits conveniently into the corner of your room.

Commonly our display cabinets consist of a base cupboard (or double cupboard) and then a stack of shelves sitting above. Some of the display cabinets have glazed doors and others are exposed and open units which give more exposure to your display items.

Display cabinets range in the type of finish, matching either modern or traditional homes, oak display cabinets are suited to a more traditional interior whereas a shabby chic painted display cabinet may suit a more modern room. We provide a number of different finishes from lacquered oak and hardwood to Mango hardwood; we also paint a number of our display cabinets, so they match that shabby chic style found in many homes across the UK.

With modern homes now packed with more family items, a display cabinet will provide the perfect storage solution to a dining room or living room as well as giving the owner shelving to store books, DVDs or ornaments where they see fit.