Collection: Bureau Bookcases

Bureau Bookcases are a beautiful, multi-functional cabinet that provides both bookcase and writing bureau / desk in one piece of antique furniture. They are a rare sight in homes nowadays but when placed into a living room or home office they make a statement with their distinctive style.

Commonly found with a larger wooden writing bureau that houses a glass doored bookcase sitting on top, a vintage bureau bookcase is truly individual and offers a versatility that is not found in a standard sideboard or smaller cabinet. Our bureau bookcase furniture is lovingly restored to its former glory with original features so you can present your loved books or belongings in a manner befitting to your homes design.

Bureau bookcases are often tall items so it is worth considering how your restored bureau bookcase will sit in your room. A large tall oak bureau may look out of place in a small home office but be perfect for that corner of the living room that needs some extra storage. Some bureau bookcases come as low units that are side by side and fit into a room in the same manner as a sideboard would so these can be ideal for your smaller rooms or where a tall unit may not be an option.

Restored Furniture’s team of restoration specialists transform a variety of vintage bureau bookcases in many different styles with Oak bureau bookcases being a popular option but not the only type that we have in the workshop. Painted furniture is also a finish that we create from time to time, but the nature of the bureau bookcase style lends itself to a natural hardwood finish.