Collection: Coffee Tables

Coffee tables create both a focal point in your living room but also take centre stage demanding a lot of use in a high traffic area. Restored wooden coffee tables make a statement in your living room and come in a variation of sizes, shapes and finishes.

Your vintage coffee table has to be versatile from holding your cup of tea or coffee to storing magazines, books and TV remotes. As one-off items from simple table designs to coffee tables with storage cupboards or drawers there is a style to suit all needs.

Our coffee tables are made from a variety of different materials with styles such as oak providing a more rustic feel, to painted coffee tables that have a more modern fresher feel and our Mango wood coffee tables that have more of an industrial look.

The shape of your living room coffee table can also make a big impact on your rooms interior design. Round coffee tables fit into any room shape more easily, due to the nature of the contrasting shape to our square rooms. They are also safer if your coffee table will be used in a room where small children are running around; the lack of corners will be a positive feature here. Square or rectangular coffee tables can be slimmer than round pieces and will help fit certain living room types, for example a through room or where the table needs to fit into a more awkward space.

Living room coffee tables make a difference to any home and your living room may just need that extra bit of storage that a large coffee table is able to provide.