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With the increased need for flexible working, and businesses operating from private residences, a home office has become a necessity in most modern homes. Houses are now either built with an office space in mind or people convert a spare bedroom or garage etc into their office. The need for a home office doesn't however outweigh the desire for a comfortable homely feel to your room. Your office can be both functional and beautiful at the same time as offering great storage solutions.

Read our guide on how restored home office furniture can provide the best solution for your home.

What key pieces do I need for a home office?

A home office needs to offer both comfort, storage and beauty. Obviously the most important part of most home offices is a desk, the place where you will be working from for a number of hours everyday. We have outlined the key pieces that your home office needs and what to look out for.


Your desk needs to offer comfortable space for your laptop or computer, with the modern world using computers for everyday tasks. Restored furniture offers sturdy desk solutions that are made from hardwood such as Oak or Mahogany, with drawers or cupboards for paperwork, desk items and files. Twinned with the space for a modern desk chair, or even a classic captains chair, a restored desk can be the perfect option for you working from home.

Desks vary in size from a large double cupboard style desk to a small writing desk that folds up. Depending on the size of your room in your home there is always an option for you to choose from.


For extra storage in your home office then why not consider buying a complimenting bookcase? Coming in a variety of heights and widths with a number of different shelf options a bookcase is ideal to store files, business supplies as well as books and ornaments. Restored bookcases tend to be open units with a large display area but some are concealed and are more of a display cabinet with glass fronts and cupboard storage included.


Writing Bureau

Not as popular as they once were (with the adoption of computers over hand written documents) writing bureaus are now an amazing alternative for larger home office desks. Writing bureaus make a fantastic storage solution as they have a fold away, or roll-top, closable desk section which when not being used can be shut, hiding your desk away from visitors to your home. This is a perfect solution for smaller homes where the desk needs to sit in the corner of a living room or dining room, or is only used on a part-time basis.

What desk it right for me?

Do you need a small desk for use on a part-time basis or are you planning on working all week on your desk? Depending on the amount of time you plan on using your desk, and space you have, will help you to decide on which type of desk to buy. A standard desk is usually a bigger piece of furniture which is more open plan, bulkier and needs more space to be housed. A writing bureau however is smaller and will work in a corner of a room or in an alcove of a living room or dining room. Writing bureaus also work in a smaller space due to their narrow measurements, around half width.

Available in a number of different hardwoods, with features and also painting options our desks and writing bureaus are a great option for your home office.

Learn more about storage solutions for your home office

Your home office would not be complete without storage, all desks usually house a number of drawers or cupboards but when you need more why not add a bookcase or display cabinet that can store files and other objects? Cupboards and drawers on your desk are ideal for paperwork, pens, calculators or documents but the bookcase makes it easier to store boxes, larger books or box files. A bookcase or display cabinet is also ideal to keep your home objects on too, keeping your homely feel and not making your home office overly business orientated.

Bookcases vary in height and width, they tend to be bulkier and large items so are more suited to a larger room or a spare room that is converted to an office. Some bookcases are low level and can be the size of a sideboard which are suitable to smaller rooms or fit easier into an alcove. Display cabinets, with glass doors, are a useful piece to use in your home office as you can close your items away and keep your room less cluttered.

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