Kitchen Furniture Guide

The kitchen is the heart of the home and becoming an increasingly popular room in the home to make into a family space. A lot of time is spent in the kitchen and the trend to create a kitchen diner space where everyone can congregate is more popular than ever. A lot of people have love the functional and aesthetic aspects of twinning modern kitchen / dining spaces with traditional hardwood furniture, shabby chic dining tables and chairs or even larger Welsh dressers.

Traditional restored furniture for kitchens are beautiful pieces that make a real impact in your home, from beautiful chunky dutch oak table sets to traditional 1930's table and chairs with beautiful upholstery we provide kitchen furniture that will be a part of the family for years to come. For more storage in your kitchen you can consider a sideboard or dresser that ensures your kitchen furniture is offering your family a place to keep kitchen items, dining sets, or pots and pans.

Read our guide on how restored kitchen furniture can be the perfect touch you need for your kitchen space.

Ideal kitchen furniture for your home

Your kitchen is a functional area which caters for all your family and gives you the opportunity to eat together, cook together and connect throughout the day. The kitchen furniture you choose must help you by offering all the solutions you and your family need and restored kitchen furniture can offer a number of different options that will help with your kitchen needs. We have outlined a number of different restored kitchen furniture which we think offer the perfect solution for your home.

Dining Tables

A staple of any family home, the dining table is now considered a multifunctional furniture item that helps your family for both work, dining and also storage. In the past it was more common for every family meal to be hosted around the dining table, now in the modern home they are used for more than just eating at, kids use them for homework, parents use them to work from, and they are even used for storing the weekly 'junk' that collects around the home. With a variety of sizes and shapes you have endless options for your kitchen, if you want to put a dining table in there and have the space.


By the very nature of a kitchen there is always a lot of storage, however if you have a smaller kitchen with less storage and need to increase that need then a dresser is ideal. With shelving and cupboards a dresser can be used to store away the lesser used items, such as special dining sets, table cloths and place settings. The shelving is also really useful for displaying home ornaments or special photos, making your kitchen or diner a more homely room. Again offered in a variety of sizes and shapes a restored dresser can be a perfect solution for your home.


Why choose hardwood furniture for my Kitchen?

Hardwood furniture in kitchens was, for a long time, considered unfashionable, this has now changed with a number of interior designers realising how traditional restored furniture can look beautiful in modern kitchen environments and really compliment the new and old design mix and match. The traditional style of the restored hardwood furniture really sets off modern styling and gives a softer feel to harsh modern lines. Very often hardwood furniture has extra flourishes, intricate wooden details and splendid metal detailing, this all gives and extra 'plush' feel to any modern kitchen.

Shabby chic painted furniture can also look fantastic in a modern kitchen as well as a traditional kitchens that want that shabby chic style. We offer a number of both hardwood and shabby chic painted kitchen furniture pieces that will be the stand out statement piece in your kitchen or dining room.

How to mix and match kitchen furniture

If you are looking to buy a restored kitchen furniture piece for your kitchen then consider what style will suit your kitchen area. If you are looking for a focal piece in a very minimal kitchen then why not consider an oak dining table and chair set that stands out from the background, or choose a painted shabby chic dresser that matches your kitchen colour. A number of our table and chair sets are traditional hardwood but we have reupholstered the chair seats with unique patterned fabrics that really pop with the wooden frames, these look great if you want to consider a softer approach with your kitchen furniture.

When considering a restored furniture piece for your kitchen you may like the idea of both shabby chic painted furniture and traditional hardwood, no need to worry as we do a number of dressers and sideboards with painted fronts but a lacquered hardwood top that is still in the original wood finish. These kitchen furniture items give you the best of both worlds and create your perfect kitchen space. The possibilities are endless.

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