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Your bedroom needs to be a place of serenity and calm, providing a place where you can not only sleep but also store clothes, dress for the day and also give you a family space. Your bedroom furniture used to be limited at a bed and a wardrobe but with the general public owning more clothes and needing extra storage, your bedroom needs to be able to offer more. Bedroom furniture now tends to include a wardrobe and chest of drawers for clothing, dressing tables for getting ready, bedside tables and even in some larger bedrooms writing bureaus as well.

Read our guide on how restored bedroom furniture can be the perfect touch of unique pieces that set your bedroom style off.

`Designing your bedroom furniture

Planning your bedroom furniture can be a difficult task with lots of things to consider. Your main focal point must be your bed, ensuring that you have space for your bed frame as well as leaving space for your wardrobes and clothes storage. Leaving room to walk around your bed is vital without making the room feel too small. There are a variety of wardrobe sizes that you can consider, from small compact wardrobes that just hang clothes to larger/wider wardrobes which house drawers that you can store your extra clothes in. Consider if you can fit all your clothes into a wardrobe alone or if you will need to purchase a separate chest of drawers too. if you do need a chest of drawers for extra storage this can double up as a dressing table that houses a mirror or can store items on the top.

Always consider trying to fit wardrobes and chest of drawers into alcoves or L-shape rooms so that you leave space for your bed to fit. If you have a larger room or a particularly square room you could create a separate space for storage to your sleeping area.

What bedroom furniture do I need?

Choosing refurbished bedroom furniture can be a bit of a minefield, here are a few suggestions on what to consider for your bedroom furniture:


Obviously your bed is the key item of furniture needed in your bedroom, they come in a variety of sizes, this will be the first consideration for your bedroom and the size will depend on your personal needs. Whether you are buying for a single person or if you need a double for you and your partner will influence your bed buying decision but will also impact on your other bedroom furniture choices...if you buy a large king size bed this may reduce the amount of space you have for your other bedroom furniture.


Your wardrobe is the second most important piece of furniture in your bedroom, it provides you with a large storage solution that helps you to keep your bedroom tidy and free from clutter. Depending on the size of your space will determine what wardrobe you can fit. Some wardrobes are simple with just a cupboard and a hanging rail, other wardrobes have dual storage options, such as a drawer below the cupboard or drawers housed internally. With our classic restored wardrobes we have some products that have beautiful optional extras, like; internal door mirrors, lockable doors/drawers, separated drawers etc. Some of these features are unique and are no longer included in modern wardrobes.

Bedside Tables

Bedside tables are a fantastic storage solution and offer a place for both storing your personal possessions and housing bedside lamps, books for nighttime reading or alarm clocks. Matching bedside tables look perfect when sitting either side of a double bed, offering you and your partner your own storage space. We have a variety of bedside tables with either cupboards or drawers, or a combination of both. Hardwood bedside tables compliment your restored bedroom furniture, with a variety of different styles from classic oak to shabby chic painted furniture.

Chest of Drawers

Chest of drawers come in all shapes and sizes, a staple of any bedroom that requires that extra storage. Depending on your needs a chest of drawers come in many different options, we have a number of wide drawers but also have sets that have split drawers where the drawer is half and half. There are a number of different hardwood chest of drawers on offer, from oak and mahogany to simpler pine chest of drawers.

Blanket Boxes

For other storage options, our blanket boxes are a great piece of bedroom furniture to consider for your bedroom. They can sit in any area of a room but make a great option to sit at the end of a double bed, can be used as a seat to change on but most importantly store blankets, duvets, spare pillows and sheets. Blanket boxes are great to consider if your room is large enough and needs that little bit more storage

How to mix and match bedroom furniture

Choosing restored bedroom furniture can be difficult when having to place different styles together. If you are looking for an eclectic look of different pieces with different coloured items then restored furniture if perfect for your room, we have a number of different pieces that are on-off unique items, however if you are looking for a complimenting set that matches throughout then we do offer matching room sets from time to time.

If you are looking for a complimenting suit of furniture but can't find the perfect set then why not consider mixing different pieces of restored bedroom furniture that compliment each other well. Classic natural oak furniture comes in a variety of different styles but choosing a simple square piece can complement each other perfectly, or choose a simple set of oak bedroom furniture and then one key decorative focal piece.

Bedroom furniture for a small bedroom

Traditionally in the UK our houses have small bedrooms, even master bedrooms can be awkward sizes or shapes. However this does not mean that you are subject to buying boring bedroom furniture.

What to do for a small bedroom

If you have a small bedroom, or maybe even 'a box-room' to fill then restored bedroom furniture is ideal for you. A number of the pieces we restore were made for smaller houses, or were made years ago that were constructed to fit into traditional victorian/edwardian homes. You can also consider bedroom furniture such as wardrobes with internal storage, tall chest of drawers or a blanket box which has large ample storage that can house a number of items.

Preventing overcrowding

With a small bedroom it is hard to not fill the room with the furniture that you need. There are options for furniture that will avoid your space looking too cluttered, such as buying a wardrobe with a full mirror that bounces light around the room, a wardrobe that has concealed drawers or choosing a small compact wardrobe or chest of drawers.

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