Dresser Furniture Guide

Restored have a gorgeous collection of pre-loved dressers, refurbished and renovated by our skilled team. Looking to add to your bedroom or kitchen furniture? how do you pick the right dresser for your home? we suggest you consider the below and take a look at our comprehensive collection which can be viewed here, for some ideas and inspiration

Will your dresser be used mostly for storage? 

If you are looking to add a kitchen dresser to the home, you may want to consider how much storage space will be needed to compliment your kitchens needs. All of our restored kitchen dressers benefit your home by adding additional storage opportunities to declutter your home as a dresser is designed as the ultimate kitchen storage for homewares.

With the added bonus of display shelves to showcase your traditional plate collection, add a vase of freshly picked flowers from the garden, or photo frames. Having a dresser that allows you to pop your personal items on display combines storage and a console to display family trinkets. A painted kitchen dresser brings character into your kitchen and family home.

Measure your space available for a kitchen dresser

Kitchen dressers are robust but a large addition to a homes kitchen.

We recommend that you measure your available space to ensure that the dresser unit will fit. Kitchen dressers can also be rather tall, so make sure that your ceiling height is ample especially with the welsh dresser options containing added shelving.

Will a painted kitchen dresser work or a traditional Oak dresser work better?

Restored furniture has a lovely collection of classic kitchen dresser styles, ranging from traditional ercol dresser styles suited to classic country kitchen homes, and rustic kitchen designs, through to quirky contemporary painted oak dressers that can work with all modern kitchen dining areas and family rooms.

You can view the current collections here to find a dresser that works for you and your home

Will your bedroom dresser need to fit with your current furniture style?

A bedroom dressing table will be a statement furniture piece within your bedroom that will also need to provide you a practical place to store clothing and personal accessories, however, you will want it to compliment your existing bedroom furniture and reflect your bedroom design. With the restored range of bedroom dressers to consider, you will need to decide on wood style, modern paint colours, or if a Oak dressing table in a natural wood finish will work best for your bedroom tastes. For more contemporary bedroom interiors consider a painted pine dressing table refurbished in current pastel paint trends such as beach blue or pastel creams.

Bedroom dressers including vanity chests will stage a mirror for dressing in the morning, placing vases, lamps and even perfume bottles on the unit will bring the furniture piece to life, pairing with bedroom accessories can create a stunning area within your bedroom and create a true statement piece within the home.

Why choose restored furniture for you dresser

As a charity dedicated to restoring people's lives, goals, and creating the opportunity for individuals in need of a new skill or start in life, When you invest in our renovated and restored furniture this not only creates opportunities for the individuals applying a new skillset to the furniture restoration process. but the funds raised contribute to the great work Betel continues to do within the local communities it supports.

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