Hardwood Furniture Guide

There’s no denying that hardwood furniture is highly sought after. It’s beauty, strength, and individuality make it a popular choice for any discerning homeowner. At Restored Furniture, we live, eat and breathe hardwood furniture so, as you can imagine, we’re pretty passionate about it! Read our guide to find out why hardwood furniture is such a smart investment that will enhance any property.

Why choose Hardwood 

If you’re looking to combine long-lasting durability and timeless style, hardwood items are perfect for your home. Hewn from slow growing, high density trees, hardwoods offer a unique aesthetic and a long-lasting end product. Each hardwood item is truly unique and with a range of woods available, you are guaranteed to find an item that suits your home and looks fantastic into the bargain.

Aside from aesthetics, hardwood is a renewable resource – filtering the air when they are growing and are replaced with seedlings when they are harvested. Using real wood is environmentally friendly and guarantees a quality product that will be around for a long period of time.

Combining strength and density, hardwoods are perfect for producing some long-lasting, stunning pieces that are unaffected by changes in moisture, natural expansion and warping, while still being pliant enough to modify or repair with minimal complications.

Hardwood’s resilience to physical damage and rot makes it ideal for furniture that will be exposed to the elements. Most often used in flooring, musical instruments, and other reliable builds – hardwoods produce a stunning final finish and is traditionally used to produce the finest furniture – from long tables, elegant chairs, or stunning dressers that will endure and become inheritance pieces

What are the advantages of Hardwood?

Hard Wearing: Made from dense material, hardwoods are exceptional for their capacity to take knocks and damage. This degree of resilience means that you are able to enjoy a piece that has been reworked in a number of innovative ways to get the most out of your product.

Timeless Design: Traditionally producing darker colours, a hardwood piece of furniture will stand the test of time. Choosing well for your piece not only ensures a truly great final product but allows you to enjoy an item that holds its value for generations to come.

Re-workable: While it’s incredibly strong, hardwood can take additional changes. This also extends to repair work or any modifications to the product, allowing you to ensure that your product stays in exceptional condition for longer. This allows it to be stained, repainted, or adjusted as required to suit your tastes and needs.

What should you consider when purchasing hardwood furniture?

If you are considering hardwood, it’s important to think a few things through before deciding on making a purchase. As with any piece of furniture, a hardwood piece will need care and attention in order to get the most from it. Choosing a reliable wax polish will not only leave the item looking great but provide an exceptional seal that will protect it from future damage.

It is also important to check the that item that you are buying is solid hardwood and not a veneer product, which involves hardwood plating. All of our products are genuine hardwood and we encourage our customers to accept no substitutions when it comes to finding a product for your home.

Why not flatpack?

While choosing flatpack furniture may be tempting, you can easily be buying into a false economy. While flatpack items are cheaper, they are much more prone to breakage. They also have a one-size-fits all design that is difficult to modify or costly to customise. There is also the additional frustration of assembling a piece of furniture incorrectly and the time and effort required to put the pieces together – which can be challenging for individuals with limited available time and mobility. These items are not built to last and buying one item that lasts as opposed to a series of shelves or items that warp and splinter over time is a wise choice in the long term.

If you are conscious about your budget, we would always recommend taking a look at our bespoke restoration service that allows you to rejuvenate an old piece of furniture from your home. Our team can help you deal with scuffs and damage or re-lacquer and redesign your item – letting you keep a memento of the past in circulation and prevent the pain of losing an inherited item and the memories that accompany it.

What options are available?

Choosing restored furniture guarantees a unique item. This can include beautiful carved oak blanket boxes, hall robes cabinets and a wealth of options such as bedroom drawers, dressers and sideboards. Our range includes items for your living room, dining area, kitchen, bedroom, and office.

We regularly receive items and updates on our website. If budget is an issue, you can review our sale section or take advantage of our restoration service that undertakes bespoke, private work. This includes stripping and refinishing an item, waxing or lacquering a piece, or making any required adjustments. To learn more about the service, you can get in contact with our team directly and find out more.

Is hardwood sustainable?

Yes! Unlike many other furniture products, hardwood is highly sustainable. By going restored, you can enjoy an established piece that has had new life breathed into it – allowing you to enjoy a unique piece and prevent it being lost to history. You can also take advantage of our bespoke service to get a new lease of life on one of your own pieces. This helps reduce your carbon footprint and ensure that you are able to enjoy a stunning addition to your home that is totally guilt free. If you want to find out more, you can use our store locator to find a destination near you.

Why choose us?

If you are looking for a unique item, we provide a wide range of hardwood products to suit all tastes and styles. Get in touch with our team directly and let us know exactly what you need to complete the aesthetic you’re looking for.

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