Living Room Furniture Guide

You will probably spend more time in your living room than anywhere else in your home. It’s a place for the family to gather, it’s one of the rooms that you will showcase the most to your guests and, of course, it’s a place for both relaxing and entertaining. Therefore, your living room must be versatile. It needs to be stylish, aligned to your personal tastes and meet the demands of family life. Read our guide on how hardwood furniture can add that necessary touch of elegance to your living room.

Why is decorating a living room so challenging?

One of the most heavily used spaces in your home, a living room can be incredibly difficult to dress to your personal tastes and styles. This includes considering your living available floorspace and accommodating your personal hobbies – such as bookshelves for your literary collection, storage for your media, board games and more.

Finding a balance between style and utility is definitely challenging and easily leave you tempted to buy flatpack items that do not last or meet your desired aesthetic. Choosing a refurbished hardwood item allows you to enjoy a truly unique piece at a price point you can afford. And with the material’s durability, ease of maintenance and, and stunning grain - adding wooden furniture to your space allows you to enjoy timeless style exactly the way you want it.

What strengths does a refurbished hardwood have?

Choosing refurbished hardwood opens up a variety of options, including;

High affordability: Choosing a refurbished item comes at an affordable price point without any need for compromise.

Bespoke design: Our refurbishment service allows you to breathe new life into an older piece and save you time, effort, and energy – allowing you to keep a treasured piece in the family and helping to restore it to its original glory.

Long lasting quality: Selecting hardwood products ensure that whatever you choose, it’ll be able to weather knocks, scrapes, and scuffs with ease. This can allow you to have a keepsake you can treasure.

What should I bear in mind?

When it comes to dressing your living room it’s important to keep several things in mind…

Your Budget: When it comes to planning your space, it is vitally important to agree a budget and stick to it. This allows you to decorate without compromise and help narrow down your options.

Your Design: No matter how much money you have to spend, keeping a single design in your mind can help you make difficult choices with ease. This can be a style, colour, goal, or source of inspiration. Ensuring that all your items follow this design means there will be a sense of unity to your space.

Your Purpose: While your living room may look great, if it doesn’t fit your needs there’s a risk of it not being the space you hoped it would be. Whether you are looking to maximise your space, make most of your storage, or craft a room that is lively, comfortable, or easy to maintain; knowing why you are doing something is essential.

Your Dream: Knowing what elements you would love to have in your space can help you act quickly when they finally appear. We regularly source a wealth of items from local sellers or from overseas and, sadly, once a unique item is gone – it’s gone. Knowing what you need can help you quickly snap it up when it appears on our homepage before another vigilant buyer gets their hands on it.

What essential pieces should I consider?

Picking out a writing bureau can be a fantastic choice for homes where space is at a premium – letting you work from home on a laptop or spend some quiet time reading. Some items to pick up include-

A Bookcase: Picking out a restored bookcase allows you to store your favourite reading materials.

A Magazine Rack: Avid readers can finally have a place to put their books and papers – or a place to stash remotes or game controllers.

A Welsh dresser: A vintage statement piece fills any room and allows you to display a range of items with ease.

A Unique Piece: Our team works to source unique items from throughout the world to provide the best choice possible for our customers. This can be as simple as a solid oak cheese rack that has been repurposed for home use or a vintage French cabinet.

Why should I consider restored items?

Picking out a restored item allows you to add real bespoke beauty to your space. Choosing a refurnished piece of wooden furniture allows you to pick up a truly unique piece of the past and have it restored to an incredibly high standard.

This also allows for the reduction of wastage, as all of our pieces have been constructed by highly skilled craftspeople from generations past. This includes a wide range of options from French inspired design, African influenced aesthetics, and art-deco influenced sideboard and tables – guaranteeing choice and style. Where a hardwood piece may endure a small dent or scuff that could easily be repaired or buffed out, a flatpack piece would crumple and be impossible to repair.

What should I do with my old pieces?

If you have inherited or come into possession with a piece you are reluctant to part with, our bespoke restoration service could potentially be of interest.

Sending us a picture of your item and your requested changes will allow us to provide a costing, letting you make the most of an item that would otherwise remain wrapped in cobwebs. Whether you are interested in repair work, lacquering, stripping, repainting or more – please do not hesitate to get in touch and let our team know exactly what you need to finish out the project.

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