The Return Of The Bookcase Trend

Interior design goes through many phases, and trends come and go like fleeting seasons, so it is always fascinating to witness the resurgence of classic elements. In particular, bookcases and panelled walls have made a major comeback in the interior design space.

As we navigate through a landscape that often swings between minimalism and retro aesthetics, the bookcase has emerged as a versatile piece that seamlessly integrates with both.

From showcasing your literary treasures to becoming a canvas for deliberate design trends that mirror your personality and interests, the bookcase is making a triumphant return to the heart of home decor.

Combining Old and New: Integrating Vintage Bookcases into Modern Decor

 One of the most enchanting aspects of the revival of the retro bookcase trend is the artful integration of vintage pieces into modern interiors.

Art decor bookcases and glass-fronted bureau bookcases, reminiscent of a bygone era, have become focal points that effortlessly blend with contemporary design sensibilities. The blend of old-world charm and modern aesthetics brings a unique character to any space, creating a visual narrative that spans generations.

Maximising Space: Corner Vintage Bookcases for Every Room

 Space is a premium in most homes which means that finding vintage furniture that can provide extra storage and not take up too much room whilst doing so is a massive selling point. This is why the renaissance of vintage bookcases takes an innovative turn with corner designs.

These space-saving furniture pieces offer a perfect solution to those looking to maximise storage without overwhelming a room, a challenge often faced with bookcases.

 Ingenious corner vintage bookcases not only add an element of surprise to otherwise neglected spaces but also serve as functional art, turning corners into showcases of curated literature and decorative treasures.

Behind the Glass: The Charm of Vintage Bookcases with Glass Doors

 Bookcases bring to mind a certain look and aesthetic with stained wood and strong structure being at the forefront. However, there are softer and more elegant styles available too, such as vintage bookcases with glass doors which exude a timeless charm that transcends eras.

These classic designs, with their stylish glass fronts, not only protect your collection from dust but also provide a sophisticated showcase for your favourite reads.

The transparency of the glass doors adds an airy quality to the room, making it an ideal choice for smaller spaces, where openness is key to creating an illusion of expansiveness.

 Enhance Your Home With A Restored Bookcase

Vintage bookcases, transcending their role as mere storage solutions, have evolved into focal pieces for rooms and expressive canvases for homeowners.

Whether opting for an art deco masterpiece or a compact corner bookcase, this revival is about more than just displaying books; it's an opportunity to showcase your personality, interests, and a profound appreciation for the timeless charm inherent in a meticulously curated bookcase.

 We offer an extensive range of restored bookcases that can take pride of place in your living room, bedroom or hallway. From restored pine bookcases for the traditional finish to mid-century bookcases for a more modern feel, our upcycled furniture is the perfect addition to any home no matter the style or the size.


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