How to Bring Vintage Chest of Drawers Into Your Modern Bedroom Design


A vintage chest of drawers has many appealing features. Its functionality as a piece of storage furniture that can help keep your bedroom organised and decluttered, its unique beauty and charm and its ability to enhance your space.


As beloved and beneficial as vintage pieces are, it can be difficult to incorporate restored furniture into modern living spaces. This is particularly true for vintage chests of drawers as many homeowners find it challenging to incorporate them into their modern bedroom designs.

How vintage chest of drawer styles can complement modern bedroom decor?


There is a real art to mixing and matching styles and periods in interior design. When done right, it can bring your home to life and help you create a space that is warm and full of character.


Adding vintage chests of drawers to your modern bedroom presents a great opportunity to practice the above and enhance the decor within your home



What are the key considerations for selecting a vintage chest of drawers for a modern bedroom space?


To ensure that the addition of your preloved furniture pairs perfectly with your modern decor, there are two things you need to contemplate before making your purchase.


The main consideration should be the purpose of the vintage chest of drawers as this will inform a big part of any further decisions. For example, if you have a large collection of clothes or specific items that you want to store away, then you would require a larger chest of drawers that provide ample space for your belongings.


Alternatively, if the main purpose you want your antique chest of drawers to serve is as decoration or a display item, then size may not be a factor that matters.


Secondly, the type of wood and finish is important when it comes to making sure that the drawers will look the part and suit your space.

Pine, walnut and oak are the most popular choices and each has unique features that set them apart and make them more suitable for different room designs.


Pine is typically light in colour so works well in bright, minimal spaces and is much easier to incorporate in modern bedroom designs. However, walnut and oak can be great ways to stand out and make a statement.


A specific design trend in 2024 that allows you to pair restored furniture with modern designs far more easily is painted furniture pieces because they have less of a vintage look and feel more contemporary.

What role does sustainability play in the restoration and use of vintage chest of drawers in modern bedrooms?


Alongside the aesthetic appeal and practical benefits that vintage chest of drawers have, their sustainability is yet another great reason to invest in them.

When you buy off-the-shelf furniture that has been mass-produced it will likely need replacing thanks to wear and tear after a few years.

Restored pieces are long-lasting investments that form a big part of the circular economy which keeps goods in use and away from landfills.


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