Why Vintage Oak Furniture Works Well In Every Room Of The Home

Oak is a strong and durable type of hardwood that offers a natural beauty and distinctive appeal which is why it is so popular as a material for making furniture.
Vintage oak furniture provides even more charm and character that enable it to fit perfectly into any style of home and in every room.
Oak wood furniture is not a new concept. It has been used for centuries dating as far back as the 16th Century, yet it still has a place even in the most modern of homes.
Given that fact, it’s a great investment because you know that it will never go out of a style and even when you no longer have a use for it, it can be passed on to a new owner.
This practice of circular economy is something that we are committed to at Restored Furniture, and it is this process of upcycling oak furniture that allows us to provide you with beautiful, original pieces that you can add to your home.

Vintage oak furniture for the kitchen

The kitchen is an ideal space for vintage oak furniture, especially in farmhouse and cottage style kitchens.
In fact, many pieces of furniture traditionally found in the kitchen or dining area are typically made from oak. For example, welsh dressers, which are a storage unit used to display tableware, are almost exclusively made from oak wood.
You can also invest in vintage oak sideboards, dining room tables and chairs - all of which can live comfortably in your kitchen.


Restored oak furniture for the bedroom

There is also a wonderful opportunity to incorporate restored oak furniture into the bedroom to add some classic beauty to this personal space.
A stunning restored oak wardrobe or dresser can sit pride of place in a guest or main bedroom no matter what the interior design of that space is because of its elegance and versatility.

Vintage solid oak for the home office

The home office is also a great room for vintage solid oak furniture, especially when trying to create a more traditional working space.
From an oak bureau to oak side cupboards, there are several practical options for upgrading your home office.

Upcycled oak furniture for the living room

Finally, why not complete your living space with some pieces of upcycled oak furniture such as oak magazine racks, oak coffee tables or even oak corner units.
It’s a simple way to bring some unique and alluring personality into the focal room of the home.

Restored Furniture can supply you with a stunning range of vintage oak furniture options for the kitchen, bedroom, living room and more.
For example, we have a stunning Vintage Oak Dresser for your dining room or an understated Oak Corner Unit for your living area.
Each and every piece has been preloved and upcycled to enhance the natural beauty without destroying the story that lives within it. There is no denying that vintage oak furniture can revitalise any space and we are the best place to start when embarking on that journey.


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